Red River ZOOMobile set to visit Lincoln Elementary School

Photo by: Fargo Public Schools
Photo by: Fargo Public Schools

(Fargo, ND) -- There’s no need for Lincoln Elementary School’s third graders to go on a safari or take a trip to the rain forest to get an up-close look at exotic animals. The Red River Zoo is bringing the animals to them.

The Red River ZOOMobile is visiting the three Lincoln Elementary School third grade classrooms on Monday from 8:45-10:35 a.m. A representative from the Red River Zoo will bring several animals into the classroom and give the students an up-close look and information about the animals. The presentation will last about 30 minutes per classroom.

The schedule for the visit includes:

  • Anderson: 8:45-9:15, Room 301
  • Roberson: 9:25-9:55, Room 300
  • Quick: 10:05-10:35, Room 302

The animals are chosen the day of the presentation based on which ones seem up for the trip.

As part of the presentation, the students will learn a number of facts about each animal including what it eats, who their predators are, where they live, the lifespan of the animal, how old that specific animal is, and other fun facts. Students are encouraged to ask questions.

Each student will get a close and personal look at each animal as they are brought around the classroom at the end of the presentation, as long as the animals are willing to participate.