West Fargo Police switch to "fixed beat" system to improve service and communication between officers and the public

(Fargo, ND) -- The West Fargo Police Department is changing their approach to patrolling the city. 

"It's an attempt I think, as of January 1st, to improve our overall efficiency and effectiveness of our patrol division," said Chief Dennis Otterness. 

Otterness says the department has switched to a "fixed beat" system. That means that officers and sergeants are now assigned to cover one of 4 quadrants in the city. The chief says the goal is for residents and business owners to develop better relationships with officers assigned to their beat.  Otterness says the change could also lead to improved response times. 

"We've made some significant changes in our deployments in how our folks are being deployed out, trying to some things a little bit more strategically," said the chief.