Moorhead Police Department celebrates hiring of eight officers

Courtesy: Moorhead Police Department
Courtesy: Moorhead Police Department

(Moorhead, MN) -- A local police department is celebrating the hiring of several new officers. 

The Moorhead Police Department shared the announcement with WDAY Radio's Bonnie & Friends, saying seven new officers and an eighth returning officer are joining the force. Five of the officers are either from Moorhead or had lived there previously, two are from outside the area, and two are new hires from the first cadet program hosted at the police department. 

"I've been saying for the last year-and-a-half there is a crisis coming, and right now I think we are on the front edge of that. We are looking off the edge of a cliff right now, "said Moorhead Police Chief Shannon Monroe, "I currently have six openings and I would like to, in a perfect world... I have 61 [officers], and I wish I had 75."

Chief Monroe said there are challenges with hiring officers in the current environment, but he also cites legislation that could possibly make it more difficult. He cites possible legislation coming from St. Paul, which Monroe credits with causing hesitation with potential officers looking to enter the profession.

"That's some of the stuff that I think is scaring people out of this profession, both people who are in it and people who are interested in it, " said Chief Monroe, "You look at the horrible tragedies that have happened in our country and in our state, and you know - you keep hearing the 'we got to hold police accountable', and in every one of those cases those officers are getting held accountable on the old laws. So coming out with newer ones that restrict officers even more or put them in more jeopardy of being sued, being jailed - whatever. That's what is scaring people out of the profession."

You can learn more about Moorhead's Police Department by clicking here

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023