Fargo company plays key role in powering U.S. Navy unmanned aircraft systems

Image by WDAY News Staff - Tom Tucker
Image by WDAY News Staff - Tom Tucker

(Fargo, ND) -- Senator Hoeven is drawing attention to a Fargo company playing a key role in providing battery power for Navy drones.

"The Navy uses this unmanned technology in a big, big way. Not only for unmanned aerial systems that they send off their ships in the air, but also for submersibles," said Hoeven.

Hoeven visited Packet Digital Wednesday afternoon. The Senator announced the high tech company has been awarded an $8.5 million federal contract to manufacture powerful, lightweight batteries and power systems for unmanned aerial systems. The batteries are designed to allow for extended flight times. Packet Digital will design and manufacture the batteries.  

Hoeven says North Dakota is now at the center of the Navy's UAS supply chain. 

"We started working in batteries for unmanned aircraft and power modules in 2014 and really have honed in on innovation and safety in bringing high-energy density solutions," said Packet Digital CEO Terri Zimmerman. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023