Breaking: Bomb threat issued at Fargo Target

Courtesy: Fargo Police Department
Courtesy: Fargo Police Department

(Update: 02:41 P.M) -- Additional details are now known about a bomb threat that occurred in a Fargo Target this afternoon.

The Fargo Police Department says they initially responded to the scene at 11:12 a.m on reports. Authorities say Target employees received a call from an individual who claimed they would set-off an explosive device that was located in the building. Police helped store employees evacuate the building, and a search was conducted by a Police Department K9 who specialized in explosives detection. 

After the search, the store returned to normal operating hours. A suspect has not been identified at this time. Authorities say no additional information is available at this time. 

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to WDAY Radio as more details become available. 


(Update: 12:38 P.M ) -- The Fargo Police Department is confirming the building is being evacuated due to a threat they received. 

The incident is ongoing at this time. Stay with us at WDAY Radio as more details become available. 


(Fargo, ND) -- Authorities are urging people to stay away from a Fargo target at this time following reports of a bomb threat at the scene. 

WDAY Radio is hearing reports of a bomb threat occurring at a Fargo Target located at 4202 13th Ave SW, Fargo, ND 58103. We have reached out to officials to confirm the authenticity of the report, but eyewitnesses are saying the store was immediately evacuated 

"Bomb threat. They just yelled out!! Take ur (sic) stuff and go!!!" said one person on social media who was at the scene. Another individual asking "What's happening at the Target. Locked and 7 cops outside"

This is a developing story. Stay with WDAY Radio as more details become available.