New water tower project moving forward in north Fargo

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Fargo, ND) -- The City of Fargo's Water Utility Director has an update on the new water tower being built in north Fargo.

"It's going to fix a lot of hydraulic issues and actually another big benefit of it, it's we put a little extra space as far as height in there so it's going to act as sort of a surge suppression if we fill our towers too full," said Troy Hall. 

Hall says the new water tower is expected to be "up in the air" by August and operational by sometime this fall. The tower will replace 3 smaller towers on the city's north side. One of the old towers was built in the 1940s and the two others went up in 1955. The new tower, being built at a cost of $7.6 million, is being constructed at the corner of 7th Avenue and 11th Street North.

Hall appeared on "Tuesday's With Tony" on WDAY Radio.