Concordia, NDSU announce collaboration in engineering

Photo by: Concordia College
Photo by: Concordia College

(Moorhead, MN) -- Concordia College and North Dakota State University have announced a new partnership for a combined degree program that will allow Concordia’s pre-engineering students to complete their degrees with NDSU’s College of Engineering.

Officials from both institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding Wednesday to officially recognize the dual-degree program.

Participating students will spend three years at Concordia before transferring to NDSU to finish an engineering degree of their choice. Upon successful completion, they will graduate with both a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia with a major in applied science and a Bachelor of Science from NDSU through one of the following engineering programs:

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

“With commitments to career readiness and the community, we are so pleased to work with a local partner,” said Susan Larson, dean and provost of Concordia College. “Additionally, students who want to study in Fargo-Moorhead no longer have to choose between pursuing an engineering degree and competing in Division III athletics, attending a faith-based liberal arts institution, or being in The Concordia Choir or Orchestra.”

Concordia will continue its partnership with Valparaiso University in Indiana for a dual-degree program. he new collaboration with NDSU will provide an opportunity for students to pursue an engineering degree without having to relocate, increasing the likelihood they will stay in the region for internships and jobs.

The program will be managed by Concordia’s physics department, which will work with NDSU to advise students planning to complete the new dual-degree program.

“This partnership is a win for our entire region,” said Alan Kallmeyer, interim dean of the NDSU College of Engineering. “By providing a new pathway for students interested in earning an NDSU engineering degree, we can graduate more field-ready engineers who are ready to meet a critical workforce need.”

The program begins Fall 2023. Students interested in applying can get started by clicking here.