North Dakota Rep. responds to ethics complaint, says he will comply with state law

Courtesy: Jim Kasper
Courtesy: Jim Kasper

(Bismarck, ND) -- North Dakota District 46 Representative Jim Kasper says he will taking another look at his records following a public campaign finance complaint was brought against him yesterday.

Representative Kasper says he is in contact with the Secretary of State's office and will follow up with them beginning next week on Monday to correct any potential errors that exist.

"I will review my records and campaign finance disclosures from my 2020 reelection campaign upon returning to my office this weekend, "said Kasper in a statement sent to WDAY Radio, "The possibility exists that I may have inadvertently failed to list a donation of $5000 in 2020 from a board member of Term Limits US when compiling my 2020 campaign finance report. If so, I will file an amended campaign finance report with the Secretary of State’s office early next week, in compliance with North Dakota campaign finance statutes."

The complaint was levied against Kasper by Scott Tillman, a representative from a group named U.S Term Limits, who claims the North Dakota House member "cashed a check for $5,000 while not reporting the donation, not showing any associated campaign spending, and not showing the donation with total funds on hand at the end of the campaign."

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