Cass County Sheriff: We are expecting high water levels in Harwood area

(Harwood, ND) — Cass County first responders are preparing for higher water levels in several areas surrounding Harwood.

Sheriff Jesse Jahner says they are expecting to see the highest water levels surrounding the town sometime between Sunday and Monday as the recent snow and rain takes the time to flow into the Red, Sheyenne, and Rush rivers.

“Any additional moisture we are getting, whether it is in the form of snow or rain, is not good for us right now, “said Sheriff Jahner, “When it does come in the form of snow that does slow things down a bit.”

In preparation for the rising waters, the department has opened their tactical operation center for faster response times and increased coordination, shift patrols have shifted for better reaction speeds, and airboats are on standby for residents who get stuck in places that are normally unreachable by traditional vehicles in flooded areas. Sheriff Jahner says there have been some areas that have been largely untouched in previous years that are currently being heavily hit with flooding. He attributes the new flood patterns to the high amount of snow sitting in the ditches, which can wildly change how floodwaters flow in an area.

“That’s plugging up some of the culverts. We have had some residents that have experienced flooding around their property that may have not in the past. The reason that has occurred is because the water wasn’t able to flow freely, ” said Sheriff Jahner.

You can learn more about flood fighting efforts in Cass County by clicking here

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