New effort aimed at electing one king and one queen to NDSU homecoming courts

(Fargo, ND) — A new effort is underway aimed at changing the criteria for electing homecoming royalty at NDSU.  

“We’ve created a petition on, so we are gathering signatures for that. We’re hoping that if we can get enough signatures we can either get the school to just reinstate homecoming king and queen as the norm for the election or at least put it to a new ballot to the student body,” said Landon Allex, President of the NDSU chapter of Turning Point USA, the group leading the effort. 

The campaign comes after the student body recently elected two kings to lead the 2023 homecoming court. 

Two kings were also elected to lead the court in 2021.  

A previous change in the court election process allows the top two vote getters to be crowned as royalty, regardless of gender. 

Allex appeared on the Flag’s “What’s on Your Mind”.  

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