Cass County Sheriff's Office issues warning to those who want to go “mudding” on rural roadways

(Fargo, ND) — The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to those who rip up rural roadways.

They issued a notice on their social media pages and to the media, saying with spring-temperatures, rural roads are often at risk for severe damage. This damage could cause driving hazards, flood protection risks, and more according to the department, who say those who are caught in the act of ripping up roadways could face a Class B misdemeanor. 

“As we approach these spring-like temperatures, the frost leaves the roadways, and we start experiencing spring showers, and our gravel roads become very vulnerable to damage due to recreational mudding-type activities,” said Sheriff Jesse Jahner in a statement. “This activity has become extremely costly to our townships and, most importantly, makes these roadways dangerous to the motoring public due to damage to the surface and roadway ruts and tracks. The Cass County Sheriff’s Office will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to those who are purposely causing this type of damage. We encourage our citizens to assist our office in reporting this type of activity if witnessed. For those thinking of conducting recreational mudding, we would remind you that if you purposely tear up a roadway, you could be charged criminally, and it could be costly.”


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