Five of seven Fargo City Commission candidate asked say they don't support ballot initiative to pause property taxes

Courtesy: City of Fargo || FMWF Chamber of Commerce
Courtesy: City of Fargo || FMWF Chamber of Commerce

(Fargo, ND) -- All candidates at the most recent Fargo Commission Candidate Debate said they do not support a plan to end property taxes in the state.

The comments were made at the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce's Candidate Forum hosted on Tuesday. Candidates were asked if they supported a proposal presented by U.S. House Candidate Dr. Rick Becker, which would aim to effectively end property taxes in North Dakota. Each of the candidates cited different concerns, from losing local control to education issues.

"I think there is one issue that most of us are going to agree on is that the last place that your property tax should be decided from is Bismarck," said Al Carlson, one of the seven candidates for the two open commission seats." They would be the largest board of directors in the state of North Dakota if they did that. They would be determining who gets parceled out for money for whatever reasons. If they thought your budget [was] too big, and maybe it was, they could cut it back."

Each of the other candidates; Arlette Preston, Delson Santal, John Strand, and Michelle Turnberg, also said they would not support the current plan. Candidates Nate Pullen and Anna Johnson did not attend the debate, but have stated in a previous debate on WDAY Radio and AM1100 The Flag they would not support the measure. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024