Cass County Sheriff warns of sophisticated scam impacting residents

CASS COUNTY, ND —  The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is warning the community of a sophisticated scam involving Bitcoin.

Authorities say the victim received a call from a person claiming to be a deputy with the sheriff’s office, who was able to provide the name of the sheriff, his unit number, provide false court and case numbers, and said the resident visit the  Cass County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center in North Fargo if additional information was necessary. Sheriff Jahner says the scammer convinced the victim to send funds via bitcoin, and that the scam was successful.

The Sheriff says law enforcement has and never will take bitcoin payments, to hang-up and speak with a verified phone number if you are suspicious, and to meet at a physical location like the Sheriff’s Office if you are still cautious.

“Given the amount of scamming occurrences law enforcement is notified of our office fully understands at times we may be questioned on legitimacy, and we would prefer someone follow the verification process before falling victim,” said Sheriff Jahner in a statement to WDAY Radio.

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