Senate Easily Approves Sweeping Infrastructure Bill

(Washington, DC) -- A sweeping infrastructure bill has gotten a big thumbs-up in the Senate.

“This bipartisan infrastructure legislation provides $550 billion in new, targeted investments in our roads, bridges, airports, flood protection and other traditional infrastructure. The legislation includes responsible pay fors, including repurposing COVID relief dollars and importantly it does not raise taxes,” said North Dakota Senator John Hoeven. “The Senate could either advance this bipartisan legislation that does not increase taxes, or let the Democrats add more spending with tax increases to their upcoming $3.5 trillion spending spree. I also believe passing this bipartisan traditional infrastructure bill will make it harder for Democrats to pass their $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend bill, which I strongly oppose.” 

The bipartisan measure covers roughly over one-trillion dollars in spending on long-overdue infrastructure upgrades including highways, bridges, public transit and broadband access.

“America’s infrastructure is a worthwhile investment we can’t afford to ignore," said Senator Kevin Cramer. "The bill we passed will provide over $2 billion to North Dakota for its roads, bridges, rail, broadband, carbon capture efforts, and orphaned wells cleanup projects, all while making meaningful permitting reforms and reducing bureaucratic hurdles. It pays people to work instead of giving them handouts to stay home, and it includes smart reforms so taxpayer dollars are used more efficiently and unspent COVID-19 relief funds are repurposed for productive activity."

The measure easily passed on a vote of 69-30 Tuesday.