Biden: New COVID variant cause for concern, not panic

Photo by: Centers for Disease Control
Photo by: Centers for Disease Control

(Washington, DC) -- President Biden calls the new Omicron variant of coronavirus a cause for concern, not panic.  

Speaking at the White House Monday, Biden said his administration is moving quickly and aggressively to curb the variant. Biden warned it will emerge in the U.S. sooner or later. The U.S. has already announced travel restrictions from multiple countries in southern Africa. Biden again urged unvaccinated Americans to get the shots and he also promoted boosters.

The President insisted full vaccination is the best defense against COVID. He also called on Americans to wear masks indoors in crowded circumstances.  

Biden stressed his administration is fully engaged against the new variant and he vowed to "fight and defeat" the threat. He said that strategy involves more vaccinations, not shutdowns.

You can listen to President Biden's full press conference by clicking here.