U.S District Court halts vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

Courtesy of: U.S District Court of Missouri
Courtesy of: U.S District Court of Missouri

A federal court in Missouri blocked the Biden administration's attempts to enforce a vaccine mandate across the United States.

The courts decided that the Center for Medicate and Medicade Services (CMS) did not authority to issue the mandates, and that it's decision was "arbitrary and capricious." The injunction would make North Dakota and 9 others states to avoid the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers while the injunction is in place.  

U.S. District Judge Matthew Schlep says the CMS mandate is likely an overstep of the agencies authority because "The nature and breadth of the CMS mandate requires clear authorization from Congress—and Congress has provided none"

North Dakota officials are praising the decision. “This is significant for healthcare workers in North Dakota, especially rural hospitals who were facing serious impacts due to this mandate,” said North Dakota Attorney General Stenehjem. “While today’s ruling is a hopeful moment, there’s more work to be done, and we will continue fighting to push back on this unprecedented federal overreach.”