Ukraine claims it damaged Russian warship, updates child fatalities in country

Photo by: Volodymyr Zelensky - Facebook
Photo by: Volodymyr Zelensky - Facebook

(Ukraine) -- The war in Ukraine is now expected to enter a new phase in about three weeks.

Officials are giving that target date as Thursday marks 50 days since Russia invaded. The latest blow to the country is the loss of a key Navy warship. Ukraine is taking credit, claiming they fired a missile. But Russia says a fire caused ammunition to explode. This is one of two ships that seized an island in Ukraine just as the fighting began, telling guards to surrender.

Meantime, more people are on the verge of escaping Russia's attack on Ukraine. Nine humanitarian corridors will be open Thursday, allowing evacuations to continue.

The update comes as officials just confirmed at least 197 children have lost their lives in the past seven weeks. Seven of them died in the bombing of a train station, where thousands were waiting to leave.