Thousands on the picket line as Minnesota Nurses strike continues

Courtesy: Minnesota Nurses Association
Courtesy: Minnesota Nurses Association

(Duluth, MN) -- Nurses across the state are striking to secure better wages, hours, and working conditions.

A three-day nurses strike is ongoing at 16 different Twin Cities and Duluth hospitals. Approximately 15,000 nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) are picketing and are walking off the job temporarily to publicly voice their criticisms. Many of the striking nurses have been working without a contract since May 31, 2022, with Moose Lake nurses working without a contract for two years, according to the MNA. 

“Hospital executives with million-dollar salaries have created a crisis of retention and care in our healthcare system, as more nurses are leaving the bedside, putting quality patient care at risk,” said Mary C. Turner, RN at North Memorial Hospital and President of the Minnesota Nurses Association.

Many hospital systems affected are calling the strike illegal, or are at least, are stating the MNA did not file a 30-day notice with Minnesota's Bureau of Mediation Services. The MNA says the 30-day notice was not mentioned or questioned during other strikes in the past, saying the hospital systems calling the strike illegal are attempting to "silence and scare" nurses from striking. 

The three-day strike is scheduled to end Thursday, September 15, at 7:00 a.m.