Nancy Pelosi not seeking re-election to Democratic Leadership

Photo by: Nancy Pelosi - Facebook
Photo by: Nancy Pelosi - Facebook

(Washington, DC) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not seeking re-election to House Democratic leadership.

She made the announcement after Republicans were projected to retake the House next year.

The California Democrat has served as Speaker on two separate occasions. She first got that position in 2007 and then got the Speaker's gavel back in 2019.

Her decision to step aside from leadership also comes just weeks after her husband was badly injured during an attack in their California home. Pelosi did note in a speech to fellow House members Thursday that she would however continue to serve and be a voice for the people of San Francisco, and California.

Republicans are set to retake control of the House in January. Current minority leader Kevin McCarthy has won an internal vote to become the new speaker of the house at that time.