U.S Department of Education: 26 million people applied or were eligible for student loan forgiveness

Courtesy: U.S Department of Education
Courtesy: U.S Department of Education

(Washington, DC) --  The Biden - Harris Administration is sharing approximately how many residents across the United States could have benefited from their student loan forgiveness program. 

The U.S Department of Education is releasing the number of people from across the nation who could have received student loan forgiveness, and numbers of individuals who successfully applied for the loan assistance. The release sent to WDAY Radio says approximately 26 million borrowers either signed up for debt relief or had provided enough information to the U.S Department of Education to receive the benefit. The debt forgiveness was stalled following lawsuits from several states.

 "These borrowers could be benefiting from the Administration’s program right now were it not for lawsuits brought by elected officials and special interests, "said the statement, "Millions of those borrowers could be experiencing the benefits of that relief today – were it not for lawsuits brought on by elected officials in some of their own states."

Regionally a number of states had tens of thousands of residents that would have received benefits. North Dakota saw 53,000 residents apply or were automatically deemed eligible for relief, with 32,000 of them being fully approved for loan assistance. South Dakota saw 73,000 residents automatically be enrolled or apply, and 46,000 be approved. Minnesota saw 507,000 enroll either automatically or apply, and 327,000 state residents become fully approved. In total, approximately 26,260,000 residents across the United States applied or were automatically enrolled in the student loan forgiveness program, and 16,486,000 residents were fully approved for student loan forgiveness. 

A full list of all data collected can be found by clicking here