North Dakota Senator joins legislators to change regulations surrounding suppressors

Courtesy:  U.S Senator Kevin Cramer
Courtesy: U.S Senator Kevin Cramer

(Washington, D.C) -- North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer is joining multiple other legislators in supporting the reclassification of suppressors for firearms.

The bill seeks to change the rules for suppressers to "regulate them like traditional firearms." It would remove them from regulations under the National Firearms Act and allow suppressor purchasers to seek a background check instead of utilizing the federal transfer process. Taxes currently collected from the suppressors would be directed to state wildlife conservation agencies.

“Anti-gun activists are weaponizing regulatory tactics to limit Americans’ abilities to exercise their Second Amendment rights, as well as their access to a standard safety instrument. Our bill would roll back red tape for North Dakota’s hunters, sportsmen, and firearm owners who use simple modifications to protect their hearing without stepping on state laws or removing background check requirements,” said Senator Cramer.  

You can learn more about S. 401 by clicking here