U.S. House member shares frustration over lack of movement for border legislation

Photo by: U.S. House Press Team
Photo by: U.S. House Press Team

(Washington, D.C.) -- House Representative Michelle Fischbach says she is frustrated with her colleagues who aren't taking up legislation she says would address southern border security issues.

Fischbach is referring to H.R. 2, the Secure the Border act of 2023, which passed the House and was sent over to the Senate in May of 2023. It has not been brought to the Democrat controlled Senate floor for a vote, a move which many GOP members have criticized.

"Sometimes the Senate won't take it up. But we need to show the American people there are answers if we can pressure Democrats [...]," said Fischbach. "There are answers that we have that will solve these problems, or at least start to solve them, but we need to continue to fight."

Speaking on border security, Fischbach mentioned a house committee field hearing is expected to meet in East Grand Forks in the coming weeks to learn more about Northern Border Security. Representative Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) has also discussed this hearing, which he says is an opportunity for other house members to hear from border security staff about illegal crossings. 

Fischbach made the comments on the Flag's What's on Your Mind.

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Friday, May 17, 2024