Secretary of State: Fedorchak is “still a qualified candidate for this race as indicated on the ballot”

(Bismarck, ND) – North Dakota’s highest election administrator is speaking out regarding text messages sent Tuesday morning stating that Congressional candidate Julie Fedorchak was exiting the race for North Dakota’s lone seat in the United States House.

“Many North Dakotans received a text intimidating that Julie Fedorchak had withdrawn from the US House race today,” Howe said in an exclusive interview with WDAY Radio this afternoon. “This is not accurate, as Julie Fedorchak is still a qualified candidate for this race as indicated on the ballot.”

Howe said the Secretary of State’s Office has received calls inquiring about the lawful, or unlawful, nature of the text messages.

“We want to let citizens know that North Dakota Century Code 16.1-16 does provide a recourse for candidates and citizens who feel that the results on election were influenced by fraudulent activity,” he said.

Howe said he has spoken with North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley.

“We are both following the situation very closely as to an investigation,” he said.

Howe said he is unable to comment regarding a possible investigation.

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