(Bismarck, ND) -- It appears, for the time being, that former a now former North Dakota House member is letting his expulsion go.

Former Dickinson House rep. Luke SImons announcing via a statement Thursday that he will not challenge his expulsion in the North Dakota Supreme Court.

The statement read in part:

“Unfortunately, the only way I can immediately correct this injustice is to allow someone else to serve. There are too many important bills that could pass or fail by a single vote. I cannot in good conscience prioritize my legal battle over the potential outcome of important legislation for the people of North Dakota.”

Simons was ousted from the House last week after claims of sexual and verbally abusive behavior over his entire tenure in Bismarck came to a head with multiple legislators and aides coming forward.

Now, District 36 party chairman John Enderle is in the position to name Simons' replacement for the remaining month plus of this year's assembly. Enderle has backed Simons, and said he wouldn't fill the seat until the embattled Republican decided whether or not to pursue legal action.