319th Reconnaissance Wing at Grand Forks Air Force Base to Field E-11 Mission

(Grand Forks, ND) -- U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer, who also serves as a Senate Armed Services Committee member, issuing a statement on the Air Force announcing the 319th Reconnaissance Wing at Grand Forks Air Force Base that will provide command and control support for the Air Force’s E-11 Battlefield Airborne Control Node aircraft mission.

“Bringing the E-11 under the jurisdiction of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing at the Grand Forks Air Force Base is an acknowledgment of the incredible leadership at the base, a recognition of how critical the base is to the nation’s defense, and a reminder of how the base is responsible for much more than what can be physically seen there. Wednesday’s announcement will also help solidify the base’s long-term success and stability in Grand Forks. I am grateful for the Air Force leaders who made this wise decision, and I look forward to helping ensure its success.”

According to the Air Force, under the proposed plan – which is contingent on congressional approval of the retirement of four E-8 JSTARS aircraft at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia – an E-11 squadron at Robins Air Force Base would be a geographically separated unit reporting to the 319th Reconnaissance Wing. 

Pending the inclusion of certain language in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which Senator Cramer will help craft as a member of SASC, the E-11 mission is expected to stand up next year.