North Dakota Petroleum Council responds to Biden Administration call for increased production by OPEC+

(Bismarck, ND) - The North Dakota Petroleum Council, representing more than 600 companies in the oil and gas industry, has fought back following the White House's statement today, which calls for OPEC+ to increase their production. Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council President, in a statement, criticized the Biden Administration, saying Biden "has been using every tool available to hamstring our domestic oil and gas industry."

Regarding today's announcement, Ness said, " If the White House actually cared about Americans having access to “affordable and reliable” energy, as they claim in their statement, they would be taking every step necessary to facilitate increased production here in America and ease off their plans to regulate our domestic industry out of business.  We don’t need OPEC, a cartel made up of nations that wish to do us harm, to produce more oil.  We need our leaders to let us do what we do best, produce American oil and support American jobs and economic growth right here at home.”