Recreational pot supporters want issue back on ballot

(Sioux Falls, SD)  --  South Dakota supporters of recreational marijuana want to put the issue back on the ballot.  A new petition is circulating to put the amendment back in voting booths next year. 54 percent of South Dakotans voted to legalize marijuana in 2020, but the state challenged it all the way to the Supreme Court.  

Supporters of the bill are not taking any chances and looking to put forward a different version of the 2020 policy titled "Initiated Measure 34", which they say is less likely to see legal challenge. This does mean that supporters are tasked with collecting more than 17-thousand signatures by November 8th for the new measure to appear for a vote. The new policy would allow for the possession and cultivation of cannabis but does not discuss sales, the main point of contention behind the 2020 legal challenge.