MN Governor Tim Walz introduces Public Safety Budget proposals

Courtesy of: Government of Minnesota
Courtesy of: Government of Minnesota

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan what they would like included in the Public Safety Budget. 

The Public Safety Budget, which was shared on Wednesday, features a price tag of $300 million dollars. The funds would be partially directed towards law enforcement agencies and crime reduction strategies over the next three years. Walz says $30 million would be directed to cities with high rates of crime within the state. $35 million dollars will be invested in clean energy research and increased access to clean water plants, electronic grids, and solar energy. In addition, another $10 million will go towards housing for at-risk children in preschool and prenatal care, and $195 million for emergency shelter services and housing preservation. 

“It's not enough to wring your hands and say it's unacceptable for crime, of course it's unacceptable,” Walz said. “The victims of crime across the board deserve better but to simply say that and not use proven data and proven ways of doing it doesn't get us there. This gets us there by listening. It gets us there by building on community.”

This is only one part of Walz's proposal in total, which includes a $2.7 billion "Local jobs and projects" proposal. This would create spending plans focused on families and children, and a separate plan which would send checks to Minnesotan households worth up to $350. 

The state legislature will convene on Monday to discuss the proposal, along with an expected GOP counterproposal.