In wake of Amir Locke death, activists demand resignation of Minneapolis Police Chief

Courtesy of: Minneapolis City Government
Courtesy of: Minneapolis City Government

(Minneapolis, MN) -- A caravan of people organized by police accountability groups drove through the streets of Minneapolis on Sunday, urging the city to seek justice for a fatal shooting.

The group of people were demanding answers and action for the shooting of 22-year-old Amir Locke, who died in an unrelated no-knock search warrant conducted by the Minneapolis Police Department. The caravan of approximately fifty vehicles drove through the city, ending at a location believed to be home of interim Police Chief Amelia Huffman. The protesters gathered outside the suspected home of the chief, asking for for either the firing or the resignation of the chief.

The pressure against the chief comes partially from her and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey walking out of a press conference early while facing harsh criticism from activists and journalists. As the two left the room, one person shouted "How is walking out of a press conference transparency? You are murderers."

 At Huffman's suspected home, protesters chanted the names Amir Locke and Breonna Taylor, who also died during a no-knock warrant issued in Kentucky in 2020. They also are urging for the replacement of Police Chief Huffman.

"We are asking for her job," activist Toussaint Morrison said into a microphone outside the residence, "because it seems like the only time they pay attention is when it affects their jobs or their money. But we pull up when it affects our lives."

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz authorized National Guard security in the Twin Cities as a response to the protests and the continuing trial of the three former Minneapolis Police Officers in connection to the death of Geroge Floyd, citing the potential for violence. You can read more about the response from Walz here