North Dakota average gas prices 20 cents below national average

Courtesy of: AAA
Courtesy of: AAA

(Bismarck, ND) -- Gas prices across the country are on the rise, but North Dakota is faring better than most states.

The average price of North Dakotan regular gas has risen 19 cents since a month ago, from $3.21 to $3.40 per gallon. However, that still is 19 cents under the national average of $3.59 per gallon of regular gas. 

The rate of increase for North Dakotan gas is also lower than national trends. The average price at the pump nationally was $3.34 a month ago, rising 25 cents to date. In comparison, North Dakotan gas rose 19 cents in the same time period. 

The price per gallon across the state varies depending on the county as well. The cheapest gas average in North Dakota comes from Barnes County, with $3.210 being estimated rate. Mcintosh is were the most expensive gas can be found on average, with a rate matching the national average at $3.59 per gallon. Gas price averages across the biggest cities also vary. Bismarck and Minot currently have prices sitting at $3.40 per gallon, while Fargo and Grand Forks are just under $3.39 per gallon. 

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