Study says Minnesota is one of the best states for women to live, North Dakota sits in the middle

Courtesy of: WalletHub
Courtesy of: WalletHub

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Minnesota is the second best state in the nation for women according to a nationwide study.

The study comes from WalletHub using 25 key metrics to compare states and regions across the U.S including median wage earnings, preventative health care, and the female homicide rage. 

In order of best to worst, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York find themselves in the top three. Bottom states from worst to best include Oklahoma, Alabama and Arkansas.

Minnesota came in third place for "Women's Economic and Social Well-Being" and first in "Women's Health Care and Safety." Minnesota had numerous top five listings within the categories; some of which include #2 for highest median earnings for female workers, #4 for Lowest percentage of women in poverty, #2 for highest voting percentage for woman who voted in 2022, and #5 for the highest women's life expectancy at birth.

North Dakota appeared on the top half of the rankings, sitting at 22nd place.  The state also has some top five placings for specific categories; including being tied for first for lowest unemployment rate for women and being third in the nation for high school graduation rates. However, North Dakota had one bottom five placement too. The state is 50th for the lowest percentage of woman-owned businesses.

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