Polk County Sheriff's Office: Scam calls are targeting our senior population

Courtesy of: Polk County Sheriff Department
Courtesy of: Polk County Sheriff Department

(Polk County, MN) -- The Polk County Sheriff's Office is reporting an uptick in scam calls.

The Sheriff's Office says the "Grandkid Scams" are targeting the county's senior population. The document says the scammers ask for money for an urgent situation, like bail, a medical bill, or other similar kinds of trouble.  

Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman says there are ways to prevent scams and the most drastic consequences from them. The first tip is to stop and verify the phone number. Make sure the call is coming from someone you trust, and to hang up if you suspect something is amiss. Tadman also says to share the increased scam rates with people you know. Tadman says even if you have not been targeted, you may know someone who has.

You can report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission by calling 1-877-382-4357