Minnetonka Power, Summit Carbon Solutions working together on CO2 storage in North Dakota

Photo by: Lt. Governor Brent Sanford - Facebook
Photo by: Lt. Governor Brent Sanford - Facebook

(Grand Forks, ND) -- A North Dakota-based power cooperative and an Iowa company are working together on carbon dioxide storage.

Minnetonka Power Cooperative and Ames, Iowa-based Summit Carbon Solutions announced an agreement Thursday to co-develop carbon dioxide storage facilities. The co-op's Project Tundra aims to install carbon capture technologies at the Milton R. Young Station in Center.

"Focusing on innovation over regulation will allow our ag and energy industries to work together and thrive," said Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford during a press conference announcing the partnership in Grand Forks. "North Dakota is the best-positioned state to help our nation and world transition to a carbon-constrained future while providing reliable, affordable energy for current and future generations."

The Summit project involves capturing emissions from several ethanol plants in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.