"I can't be controlled" - Mike Murphy, Minnesota republican gubernatorial candidate

Image by: Facebook - Mayor Mike Murphy for Governor
Image by: Facebook - Mayor Mike Murphy for Governor

(Fargo, ND) -- Though he is last in fundraising, a republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota is not short on confidence when it comes to securing the party's endorsement at the state convention on May 13th.

"I think people are really looking for someone who is not beholden to special interest groups, lobbyists, power brokers, millionaires and billionaires like all of my competition is. Everyone one of the candidates that I am up against has taken money from those organizations, those types of people. I have refused it because I can't be controlled. I'm not going to owe any favors to anybody," said Lexington, Minnesota Mayor Mike Murphy. 

Murphy is one of a handful of candidates seeking the republican nomination. Murphy is a former police officer and says he is an ardent supporter of law enforcement and the second amendment. Last year he and his fellow council members in Lexington voted to declare Lexington the state's "health freedom sanctuary city". The former police officer says he would donate his salary if he is elected governor.  

The Minnesota Republican Party Convention is set to take place in Rochester May 13th and 14th. 

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Monday, May 2, 2022