This year is atypical: General contractor shares delays in construction efforts regionwide

Courtesy of: Mike Schonert Facebook Page
Courtesy of: Mike Schonert Facebook Page

(Fargo, ND) -- Delays in building your home come from a variety of sources, on top of workforce and supply chain shortages, according to a local general contractor.

Mike Schonert, a General Contractor with Thorsteinson & Sons Construction, says recent weather is impacting job sites, but not to the extent one might think.

"This year is a little bit more atypical, as the fact is this year is a little wetter than average in the spring, but it doesn't affect you too much," said Mike Schonert," If you are a lot of new construction, that's a different story, because then you have to deal with ground that's not solid."

Schonert also spoke about the effect of 2021's abnormally dry conditions, saying they had the opposite effect on construction speeds. He says an aseasonal weather effect impacts build times more dramatically than rain, snow, or heat.

"Wind is what affects us more than anything and most construction guys would say that, "said Schonert, "If you're working outside and you're in the wind and it becomes 30-40 mile per hour gusts, you have to tailer what you are going to do that day."

Schonert also shares both labor force shortages and supply side delays do impact their work frequently, especially when it comes to shipments of windows, garage doors, and siding material.