Pebble Lake Golf Course hosting U.S Blind Golf Association tournament

Courtesy of: Pebble Lake Golf Course
Courtesy of: Pebble Lake Golf Course

(Fergus Falls, MN) -- The Pebble Lake Golf Course is hosting a tournament with visually impaired players.

The U.S Blind Golf Association is sponsoring the Midwest Regional Open in Fergus Falls from July 17-20. The association started in 1953, to raise awareness of both the sport and the visually impaired who love the game. Golfers with various levels of visual impairment and seeing Coaches work together on the green to complete the course.

"There are three classifications; B1, B2, and B3, "said Kevin Swenson, Director of Golf at Pebble Lake and a coach for one of the players, "B1 being 100% blind, B2 you have a little bit of sight, and then B3 is course corrective and with [severe] far sight or near sight."

You can learn more about the U.S Blind Golf Association by clicking here

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Saturday, July 16, 2022