North Dakota's first carbon capture project underway

Photo by: California Air Resources Board
Photo by: California Air Resources Board

(Richardton, ND) -- North Dakota's first carbon capture and storage project is underway.

Red Trail Energy got the project going June 16th, which captures the carbon emissions of an ethanol plant near Richardton and injects them thousands of feet into the ground.

“By capturing and storing the carbon from ethanol production, Red Trail Energy is helping to pave the way for the long-term viability of current energy sources in North Dakota with innovation and environmental stewardship,” said North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. “This project and similar carbon capture, utilization and storage projects currently in the works will allow CO2 to be safely stored deep underground for generations to come and extracted if needed as current and future uses of carbon are developed. North Dakota continues to lead with innovation, not regulation, and advancements such as this will help us enhance national security and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources, protect the environment and bring down energy prices for consumers.”

North Dakota's Industrial Commission approved the effort last fall.

"“Red Trail Energy’s carbon capture and storage project is now online, marking a major milestone for the implementation of CCUS in North Dakota,” said U.S. Senator John Hoeven. “This is a tremendous example of how our state continues to pave the way for this critical energy technology, starting with the regulatory framework that we put in place nearly 15 years ago. CCUS benefits both renewable and traditional energy, empowering our nation to continue utilizing all of its abundant energy resources while reducing emissions. That’s the right path forward for our nation, helping us to both fight inflation and ensure Americans have access to affordable and reliable energy.”

Red Trail is now better able to market its ethanol in states that favor fuels with low carbon emissions, such as California.