Walz proposing policy changes, investments to expand Minnesota economy

Photo by: Governor Tim Walz - Facebook
Photo by: Governor Tim Walz - Facebook

(Stacy, MN) -- Governor Tim Walz is proposing policy changes and investments to expand Minnesota's economy during the next decade.

Walz announced his plan Wednesday on the floor of Wyoming Machine in Stacy. The plan was developed over the past year by a council of 15 business, nonprofit, and labor leaders, and members of the governor's cabinet.

"From improving child care to support working families to expanding public-private partnerships to support small business owners, the ten-year economic expansion plan will help to build on Minnesota’s already strong economy by putting people at the center of the blueprint," said the Minnesota Governor on social media in response to the reveal of the policy changes.

Walz created the council last September as a way of rethinking the state's economic growth following the pandemic shut down.