South Dakota to begin building electric vehicle charging station network along interstates

Courtesy: South Dakota Department of Transportation
Courtesy: South Dakota Department of Transportation

(Pierre, SD) -- South Dakota's Department of Transportation is looking to begin the construction of an electric vehicle charging network along interstates.

South Dakota Department of Transportation Director Mike Behm presented a plan to the state's Transportation Commission on Thursday. The plan creates a framework called the The South Dakota Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Plan. The plan will use 29-million dollars in funding from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Programwhich passed through the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) under the Biden administration. The IIJA is expected to cover around 80% of the construction costs, with private funders and investors picking up the remaining 20% on the tab. 

Officials say the plan will prioritize building the charging stations along or near Interstates like I-90, I-29, I-229, and I-190. The stations are also required to be within 50 miles of each other, and within one mile of the interstate via vehicle travel. The charging stations looking to be built will have standardized charging systems for electric vehicles. Adaptors for vehicle with different charging ports can be used if needed.

You can learn more about South Dakota's electric vehicle charging station plan by clicking here