Minnesota entrepreneur has big dreams for tiny electric cars

Image by Opus Motorcar
Image by Opus Motorcar

(St. Joseph, MN) -- A Minnesota entrepreneur is dreaming big when it comes to tiny electric cars. 

"It's drawing closer to a car than it is a golf cart, even tough the performance is very much in the golf cart space. [It's] deceptively large inside. I'm 6'2', 280 pounds and you know I fit comfortably in the front seat, said Tom Skahen, CEO of St. Joseph-based Opus Motorcar Company.

Skahen is selling the tiny electric powered cars, which are imported from China. Similar to a golf cart, the Opus No 3 comes with a number of amenities. The cars are charged using standard electrical outlet and can travel up to 35 miles an hour, with a range of 25 miles per charge. The car sells for about $7,500. 

Eventually Skahen says he hopes to manufacture small electric vehicles in Minnesota.

LINK:  https://opusmotorcar.com/

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, August 23, 2022