North Dakota Highway Patrol: Roadway deaths behind 2021 numbers so far, says more can be done to improve

Courtesy: WDAY Radio Staff
Courtesy: WDAY Radio Staff

(Bismarck, ND) -- One official within the North Dakota Highway Patrol says vehicle deaths across the state are behind last years numbers.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Safety and Education Officer Wade Kardmas joined AM 1100 The Flag's What's On Your Mind Program to speak about the updated numbers. He says the stats are more promising than 2021's but still cautions against celebrating just yet. 

"As of August 27th... we're at 61 fatalities across the state, "said Kardmas, "In 2021, we were actually at 74. We are a little lower than last year, but 61 [deaths] is still 61 families and friends of individuals who passed away on our roadways."

Trooper Kardmas says an overwhelming number of deaths could be attributed to not buckling behind the wheel. Kardmas says 64% of those who have passed away were unbuckled.

"I'm not going to sit here and tell you the seatbelt is definitely going to save your life, there is so many dynamics in a crash, "said Kardmas, "But your chances for fatality is greatly reduced if you wear your seatbelt."

You can learn more about roadway safety tips and laws by clicking here

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, August 30, 2022