49-year-old NDSCS freshman football player: The guys are totally supportive of it

Courtesy: NDSCS Wildcats
Courtesy: NDSCS Wildcats

(Whapeton, ND) --  A 49-year-old college freshman joined WDAY's The Coffee Club to share his experiences about joining the team, how it's going so far, and why he did decided to apply.

Ray Ruschel is a freshman nose guard for the NDSCS Wildcats. He was deployed in Washington D.C through the North Dakota National Guard and was looking to use his education benefits. He joined NDSCS, and learned through happenstance about the college's football team.

"One of the guys I was deployed with was like 'they have a really good football team', and I'm like 'what are you talking about'," said Ruschel, "Something just clicked in my head, and I'm like 'well, lets see what kind of eligibility there is, if there is any restrictions.' There really is no age restriction."

He says the experience is something he will never forget, saying his teammates are "fully supportive" of him being on the team. Ruschel has kids of his own, both of which are older than many of his teammates. He says a big reason why he decided to join the team is because he wants to take chances that are truly unique and interesting.

"I've always told my kids 'listen, take full advantage of life', "said Ruschel, "Take full advantage of anything pleasurable, anything fun you can do, anything out of the ordinary you will never get to do ever again, take that chance."


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Monday, September 12, 2022