NDSU extension offering mental health support for AG Community at little or no cost

Courtesy: NDSU Extension
Courtesy: NDSU Extension

(Fargo, ND) -- NDSU is offering mental health services directed towards the agriculture community.

Sean Brothersen is a Professor and Extension Family Science Specialist at NDSU. He says the USDA funded program is looking to connect mental health services to those within the agriculture industry.

"Just like you are focused on taking care of the health of your livestock or the health of your crops, you actually need to think about your own health and the people you work with as well, "said Brotherson, "We're talking not only about folks that are around the farm everyday, running the ranch or farm operation, but everybody in and around Agriculture."

Brotherson says many in the AG industry have a "do it yourself" mentality, but is encouraging those who are struggling to reach out to the free services available. He says the mental health professionals on call with the extension have knowledge of farming, ranching, and the AG industry overall. 

"The consolers who work with us are individuals who have a farm background, they're either involved in farming now or have been involved in farming previously."

You can learn more about the NDSU Extension by clicking here

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022