New Rockford bars raise money for Ellingson family

Photo by: Cayler Ellingson
Photo by: Cayler Ellingson

(Fargo, ND) -- A group of bar owners in New Rockford, North Dakota are donating money to the family of 18-year-old Tyler Ellingson.

The bars raised over 95-hundred dollars after giving 100-percent of the proceeds from their Saturday night earnings to the family.

The business owners say they wanted to show that small communities can be a positive force for a grieving family.

In the meantime, Former President Trump is speaking about the death of Ellingson. Shannon Brandt is accused of hitting the 18-year-old with his vehicle on September 18th following a street dance. Brandt initially claimed he had felt threatened after the two had gotten into a heated political argument.

Trump spoke at a rally in North Carolina Friday, calling Brandt a "radical left maniac" and say if a "MAGA person" had hit a Democrat the case would be getting more attention.