North Dakota State Lawmakers proposing Property Tax Relief Plan

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Bismarck, ND) -- Several North Dakota Republican lawmakers are proposing their plan for property tax relief.

The lawmakers detailed their plan Monday to use 340-million dollars in earnings from the state's Legacy Fund to go toward the cost of K through 12 education.

“The state is constitutionally obligated to provide an education for all ND students, the education portion of one's tax bill is the only part of property taxes that the state can have an influence on. The state would now be paying 85% of education funding vs the 70% that its currently doing,” said bill co-sponsor Representative Mike Nathe. 

The proposal freezes property valuations for two years, thus helping to slow down any future increases that impact property taxes and would provide a boost for ND business community at a time when the national economy is uncertain. 

“This bill would help all property owners, residential and commercial, but especially the seniors and middle to lower income residents who may not pay income tax, but often do pay property taxes,” said bill co-sponsor Senator Don Schaible. 

The move would increase the state's share of the cost and reduce property tax bills by 25-percent.  Total funding for education wouldn't be increased under the plan. Bond issues wouldn't be affected.

The plan will be considered at the upcoming legislative session, which will take place beginning January 3rd, 2023.