Jim Schultz: Minnesota AG Keith Ellison shows "remarkable willingness" to lie about Feeding Our Future

Photo provided by Jim Schultz
Photo provided by Jim Schultz

(Fargo, ND) -- Minnesota attorney general candidate Jim Schultz says incumbent AG Kieth Ellison is lying about the $250 million dollar fraud case tied to the now closed charity Feeding Our Future. 

"it is incredibly disturbing that in this and many other matters the attorney general of Minnesota has remarkable capacity, remarkable willingness to lie to the Minnesota people, that's an outrage," said Schultz.  

Schultz says Ellison has told 4 lies regarding Feeding Our Future, including when Ellison claimed a judge forced the state to continue making millions of dollars in payments to the charity. Schultz also says Ellison's handling of the case shows "remarkable incompetence and total ignorance of his duties as Attorney General". Ellison has turned down the most recent interview requests from WDAY News First. 

"Despite the fact that there were significant indications of fraud, fraud significant enough that the Department of Education notified the FBI, he advised the Department of Education to continue making hundreds of millions of dollars of payments to the fraudsters conducting this fraud," said Schultz.   

Original Air Date: 
Friday, September 30, 2022