Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen talks campaign, public safety and debating Governor Walz

Photo by: Dr. Scott Jensen - Facebook
Photo by: Dr. Scott Jensen - Facebook

(St. Paul, MN) -- The man looking to unseat Governor Tim Walz says he is in the 'prime position' to do so ahead of the November 8th election in the state.

Dr. Scott Jensen says recent polls mark him down roughly five points overall to the incumbent Governor, which is ground he says is definitely able to be made up.

"A recent poll came out showing that we were close, and we remain close right now we’re five points down," said Jensen while appearing on WDAY Midday. "And that’s despite the fact that the Democrats to spend almost $12-$15 million demonizing Matt Birk almost on a full-time schedule."

Dr. Jensen says his push on public safety is what will put him over the top in the race for Governor, and that lawlessness cannot fly in Minnesota.

"I don’t think the contrast could be more stark between us," said Jensen on his public safety policy versus that of Walz. "Matt Birk and I have run consistently on that we need more cops on the street, two to three times what we have right now in Minneapolis. We need to implement a restore justice program, use incarceration as a deterrent for repeat offenders. A mandated minimum sentence should mean just that, a mandated minimum sentence. We need to enforce the law."

Jensen also noted that he is looking forward to the debate against Walz Tuesday night, in hopes to try and squeeze a few more in before the November 8th election.

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Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2022