Minnesota State House District 4B Candidate Jim Joy: "We have to work together to do what's right" to ease tax burdens on families and small businesses

Courtesy: Jim Joy
Courtesy: Jim Joy

(Hawley, MN) -- A small town Minnesota mayor is putting his hat into the ring in an effort to become the representative for the District 4B in the State House.

Jim Joy is a candidate to become a State House Representative in District 4B. The Hawley Mayor joined WDAY Midday to share his mindset he would share with state leaders, find ways to cut back on inflation and taxes, and voice his strong support for law enforcement.

"Being the Mayor, I was on the [city] council for two years previous to being the mayor, I just enjoy small towns, small feel, own small businesses," said Joy, "Rural values, rural Minnesota, is just great. That is something I just want to protect."

Joy says he wants to bring small town values to the State House, hoping to bring tax relief to families and small businesses. He calls these issues his passion, and hopes these priorities will pass through the legislative chambers in a non-partisan way. 

"When we talk about tax relief and inflation, seeing what's happening today, we're going to get it done as a group," said Joy, "We have to work together to do what's right."

Jim Joy is a candidate for Minnesota's District 4B to become a State House Representative. You can learn more about voting in Minnesota by clicking here. 

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Friday, October 28, 2022