Voter turnout near 40-year low for North Dakota, Minnesota still ranks near top

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Fargo, ND) -- The polls were busy both in Moorhead and Fargo for election night, but not busy enough on the North Dakota side according to state officials.

North Dakota approached nearly half of registered voter turnout this election cycle, but that number was still near a 40-year low for turnout. The Secretary of State's office shows that about 42.8% of registered voters in the state cast a ballot during the midterms. That equates to about 242,000 voters. The eligible voters in the state sits at around 565,000.

In Cass County, 41% of eligible voters cast ballots in the election, that number at about 54,100 voters out of nearly 132,000 registered.

Meanwhile, it was another successful voter turnout number for the State of Minnesota. The Secretary of State's Office says around 2.6 million registered voters came out to the polls and early voted in the state, which resulted in a 62.8% turnout rate. That rate is currently ranked second in the U.S.

Only Wisconsin had a higher turnout rate at 63.3%.

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