North Dakota receives $1.7 Billion dollars in first year of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Courtesy: White House
Courtesy: White House

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota is already seeing the results of a bipartisan bill meant to improve infrastructure across the country.

The $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, otherwise known as the American Jobs Plan, was officially signed into law on November 15th, 2021. The legislation contained measures to rebuild roadways and bridges, improve airports and public transportation options including passenger rail, create a electric vehicle charging network, and more all across the United States.

As of November of 2022, North Dakota has seen approximately $1.7 Billion dollars dedicated to over 90 projects across the state...

  • Roads and Bridges: $778 Million for state roads, bridges, and other major projects across the state.
  • Internet: $100 Million to provide internet access to the 21% of state residents who do not have an internet subscription. You can learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program by clicking here.
  • Water: $130 Million dedicated to replacing lead pipes across the state.
  • Public Transit: $110 Million over five  years to improve existing public transportation, including an additional $21.6 in 2022.
  • Clean Buses: $2.4 Million to replace school and transit with models that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions, including an additional $7.8 million for "clean transit busses" and improved services.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: Will receive $25 Million over five years ($9.4 million total in 2022 and 2023) to build EV chargers across the state.
  • Clean Energy and Power: $138 Million for energy efficiency, clean energy, and power related topics. This includes weatherization ($15.1 Million), State Energy Program ($3.7 Million), making the grid more resilient to power outages ($4.4 Million), and improving the battery supply chain across the state ($115 Million).
  • Airports: $19 Million to improve airports across North Dakota. You can learn more about what Hector International Airport intends to improve if they receive federal funds by clicking here
  • Ports and Waterways: $20 Million for strengthen supply chains, work on maintenance backlogs, and more. 
  • Climate Initiatives: $553 Million for infrastructure resilience, including to the Army Corps of Engineers for mitigating flood damage. North Dakota has experienced eight extreme weather events over the last decade totaling in over $10 Billion in costs. 
  • Pollution Cleanup: $42 Million to cap orphaned oil and gas wells, reclaimed abandoned mine lands, and more. 

A detailed list of items touched in North Dakota by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, including specific details on projects like the Fort Berthold User Expansion, the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project, the Tribal safety Project Spotlight, the Flood Risk Management Project Spotlight, and the Airports Project Spotlight can be found here